Do you suffer from TMD?
Have you considered what it would be like to be 
pain free?

TMD is an issue for 25% of the adult population. If you are experiencing aching muscles in your head, neck, shoulders or jaw, it may not be “just one of those things that happen when you get older.” (more)

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Do you or your sleep partner snore?

If so, here are a few facts that might just make a difference in your quality 
of life . . . 

- 67% of adults snore

- Sleep interrupted by snoring or   obstructive sleep apnea is being linked to increased risk of
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • erectile dysfunction
  • obesity
  • diabetes and more
- If your sleep partner snores and your sleep is interrupted, your risk of disease is also increased
- It is estimated that over 12,000,000 people suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea  (more)

Thomas J. Honl, DDS
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At our clinic we recognize that optimum health begins with the basics. If we can help our patients get refreshing sleep and reduce physical pain, the energy they reclaim can make a remarkable difference in the quality of their lives. We chose to make this kind of difference in the world.

 If for some reason, we have fallen short of your expectations, please speak to us so that we can ensure you receive the care you have come to expect. 
Dr. Thomas J. Honl
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We are pleased to announce the recognition of 
Dr. Thomas J. Honl, DDS, MAGD as a
American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
August, 2013