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​"Poor sleep habits are among the most common problems encountered in our 24/7 society. We stay up too late and get up too early. We subject ourselves to electric light, non-stop radio, Internet, e-mail, cellular telephones, jet travel and stress. We also interrupt our sleep with drugs, chemicals and work and we over-stimulate ourselves with late-night activities such as television viewing. However, sleep is more than a time-out from daily activities. Reducing sleep by as little as 1-1/2 hours for a single night has been shown to reduce daytime alertness by about one-third. Long- term sleep deprivation has recently been implicated in high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke."* 

The challenges resulting from insufficient or inadequate sleep can be overwhelming. The effects of snoring or sleep apnea ultimately take their toll on you and possibly your sleep partner. It is our hope that the information provided below will be of assistance.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Does my insurance cover oral appliances?
A. Insurance policies vary from plan to plan, but most insurance does provide coverage for oral appliance therapy under medical insurance, rather than dental coverage. We have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain the maximum coverage provided by your insurance plan.  

Q. How long before I will feel better?
A. Every patient's experience is different. However, adjusting your appliance for optimum results can take anywhere from a matter of days to a matter of months. After receiving an oral appliance, we carefully monitor our patient's experience to get the most optimal results as quickly as possible.

Q. Why would I choose an oral appliance instead of C-PAP?
A. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recognizes the effectiveness of oral appliances and of CPAP machines as primary options to treat sleep apnea and snoring. Unfortunately, statistics show that more than 50% of those prescribed C-PAP are not compliant. Many patients prefer the convenience of  oral appliances and their ease of use. As a result, they are more compliant with their treatment plan and therefore achieve their treatment goal.

Q. How long before I can get an oral appliance?
A. It takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks to receive an oral appliance after your first appointment. 

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The cost of different oral appliances as well as a patient's insurance coverage varies. We are able to provide you with an individualized estimate once we have gathered the necessary information.

Q. What does it feel like? 
A. Although initially there may be some need to adjust to the sensation of an oral appliance, most patients adapt easily. Symptoms that arise are generally temporary and mild in nature.

Q. How can I be sure an oral appliance will work for me?
A. Oral Appliance Therapy has proven to be quite successful. However, treatment success is dependent upon many factors because each patient presents unique sypmtoms and expectations. It is our practice to consult with each individual patient before moving forward with treatment to determine the likelihood of success.  

Q. Are children treated for obstructive sleep apnea?
A. The primary treatment for airway issues in children is tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Orthodontic palatal expansion can also be a useful technique to improve a child's airway. C-PAP and OAT are generally not used because they could interfere with a child's growth and development. Start with a visit to an ENT for an assessment. Additional information about children's apnea may be found here.

Patient Forms

Please print and complete these forms before your first appointment and return them to our office prior to your appointment or arrive 30 minutes early to allow time to complete forms in our office. 
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Overnight Sleep Study

If you have had an overnight sleep study (PSG) 
in a hospital and a diagnosis by a sleep physician, please let us know when we are scheduling your FREE consultation, evaluation and home sleep test (HST), so that we may obtain a copy for your patient file. 

If you have NOT had an overnight sleep study (PSG) 
FREE consultation, evaluation and home sleep test (HST) will determine your need for a PSG and the best way to proceed with your care. ​

A PSG is not necessary to proceed with a consultation at our office.

Our practice is dedicated to the Practice Parameters of Care determined by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

​We will assist you in every way to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment.

To make an appointment for a FREE consultation, request additional information, or to be  added to our mailing list, please call us at 715-341-5001 or email us through the link below: 

*(c) 2009 American Academy of Craniofacial Pain - A Handbook for Assessment, Diagnosis and Management, p.204.
Dr. Thomas Honl contributing author
To make an appointment for a FREE consultation, request additional information, or to be added to our mailing list, please call us at 715-341-5001 or send an email.
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