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As in any medical condition, a complete evaluation and accurate diagnosis is essential to appropriate care. 

At Advanced TMD & Dental Sleep Center we specialize in Dental Sleep Medicine, offering oral appliance therapy as recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a primary recommendation for patients who snore, Oral appliance therapy is especially beneficial for patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and for patients with severe sleep apnea who are unable to comply with CPAP treatment, or for those who prefer Oral Appliance Therapy to CPAP.

Oral Appliance Therapy uses a small device, similar to a sports mouth guard, which fits over the teeth during sleep. It is customized to fit each patient based on their jaw structure, their nighttime jaw movement and the specifics of their snoring or apnea problem. Appliances should be fabricated and fitted for each patient by a dentist knowledgeable and experienced in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea to minimize any potential side effects. The goal of oral appliance therapy is to appropriately reposition the lower jaw forward during sleep and open the airway. The result is that the snorer or sleep apnea sufferer is able to breath easily, continuously and quietly throughout the night. 

Patients generally adapt quickly to oral appliances and find that they travel easily, are non-invasive and are simple to use. 

Oral Appliance Therapy
How an Oral Appliance Works
An oral appliance is worn during sleep over the teeth and moves the lower jaw forward, thereby opening the airway and allowing easier breathing. 

More information on oral appliance options.
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